Country Hoedown

Opening Ceremony/Camp Set Up:

Bill Grogan’s Goat (Repeat-after-me song) Have each child choose their own Western-themed name, Silent barnyard charades, end with everyone’s best “Giddy up!”

Huddle Group Questions:

Which farm animal do you think weighs the most? Which one weighs the least? How old do you think Old MacDonald really was? Which came first – the chicken or the egg? Which animals do you think sleep standing up? What’s the differences and similarities to horses and ponies have? Is it really hay on a hay ride?


 Egg splatter painting (remove yolk and replace with paint), create a cactus ring toss, coffee can planters, design a bandana, paper plate/rubber band banjos, paper bag vests.


  • Banjo,
  • C-H-I-C-K-E-N,
  • Cowboy Song,
  • The Turkey Song,
  • Little Red Wagon,
  • Have You Ever Been A-Fishin’?

Crew Service Project:

Each group is responsible for cleaning up the lunch room 2x per week.

A 1x per month service project will be offered in addition so it may not be related to each week’s theme.

Camper Choice and Free Play Ideas:

  • “Hay” bail rice Krispie treats,
  • lasso practice,
  • square dancing,
  • water balloon duel,
  • feed the ducks/geese if near water,
  • bolo ties,
  • potato sack races.

Closing Ceremony:

Old MacDonald – only using the animals we discussed this week. End with everyone’s best “Yee-haw!”

Gold RUSH Game

wanted poster

boys in hay