May the 4th be with you

Open Ceremony

  • Jedi Tag
    • Goal- also called “finger jousting” this game teaches kids to introduce themselves, approach other people, and shake hands. It also makes them practice eye contact while they exercise!
    • The Details-
      • Invite one person up front. Say to the group, “When we meet someone, its nice to introduce ourselves. Hi, I’m Andy. And then you say…(have them say their name) Perfect!”
      • “It also nice to shake hands. (to the group as a whole-) When we do that, where do we look with our eyes?” Demonstrate.
      • “This is a fun way that helps us meet a lot of people at Super speed!”
      • Show them how to got up to someone, introduce themselves, and shake hands while making eye contact.
      • Now, while youre grasping your partners hand, you both rotate the wrist slightly and extend your forefinger so that you are pointing at each other. Explain that the object is to touch the shoulder of your partner.
      • “That’s the easy part. Are you ready for the hard part? You cant break eye contact. You must keep looking at them in the eye. If you don’t, please let go, and start over.
      • Demonstrate with your partner, letting your partner win after a few seconds.
      • Tell them that you are frequently shout, “meet a new friend!” Every time you do, they must find a new partner, introduce themselves, shake, and play.
      • Keep the pace fast so they “meet” lots of different people quickly. Let them play for about five seconds then rotate. This keeps anyone from “winning” and lets everyone have more fun.
    • Use the Force
      • Goal- also called “back seat driver” this game gets kids to build trust, and have fun at the same time!
      • The Details-
        • Set up a boundary big enough to fit the entire camp, but only just barely.
        • Tell the kids to pair up with someone that looks like them. If it takes a little long, let them know they can pick someone who is around the same height. (Having them be the same height is important for the same of the game. Youll see why later)
        • Once the kids are all paired up. Have them stand together like they are riding in an X-Wing Fighter. (One in front of the other).
        • Explain, “The force is an energy that is always around us. It moves through everything and anything in this universe, and can be harnessed by only the greatest of Jedi.”
        • Tell them that the person in the front is the Jedi, and the one in the back is the Force. The Forces must put their hands on the Jedi’s shoulders and guide them through the course. The Jedi must close their eyes, and trust in the Force to navigate them safely.
        • “Whenever I say go, the Jedi will begin walking. Force, with your hands on their shoulders, use commands like ‘stop’, ‘go’, ‘left’, ’right’ to navigate through the course.”
        • Whenever you are ready till them to go. Let the game last about 5 Minutes, then have them switch roles.

Huddle Group Questions

Would you rather?

  • Be a jedi or sith? Why?
  • Obi wan or Luke Skywalker? Why?
  • Jedi Mind control or Sith Lightening? Why?

Why is it important to follow the jedi code of no conflict?

Would you start a conflict with someone who started one with a friend? Why sholdnt we do that?


Jedi Training

  • This game will be run by huddle groups (10-12 camper for one counselor)
  • Will be like a carnival style game with 4 or 5 stations across the camp. Each station should be 15-20 minutes.
  • Campers will be referred to as a “Padawan” and each station leader will be a “Master”


      • This station will be Guided meditation to get Padowans to channel the Force inside. Use “” to find more info.


    • Station 2 (Jedi fitness)
    • Station 3 (Lightsaber training)
      • In this station Padawans will learn to handle the Jedi’s weapon, the light saber.
      • Each Padawan will take turns with the lightsaber (pool noodle). A “Master” will stand 15 ft away with a bunch of ballpit balls (training droids).
      • The Jedi Master will begin to throw/lob the training droids in the direction of the padawan and the Padawan must use their light saber to deflect the balls.
      • The game can be made harder by having other Padawans throw training droids as well and blindfolding the one with the lightsaber.
    • Station 4 (Jedi Cunning)
      • The goal of this game is to teach the Padawans detective skills and to channel the force to solve problems.
      • This game will start with everyone forming a circle and one Padawan in the middle.
      • The one in the middle will close their eyes (blind fold if necessary) and tell everyone to start rotating to the left.
      • After a few seconds the one in the middle will say stop and point in the direction of someone on the outside of the circle.
      • They will then ask that person to make some kind of Star Wars Sound (wookie, jawa, lightsaber, Jar jar binks, etc.) The one in the middle then has to guess who that person is based on their sound.
      • They get 2 guesses and even if they get it wrong, the person pointed at becomes the one in the middle.

Battle of Yavin

  • This game can be run right after “Jedi Training” as the climax to the day
  • Jedi’s will be grouped with every age group represented in a group and be called “Order of…” can fill in whatever name they would like.
  • Orders will be split evenly between lightside and Darkside, try and make sure you have any even number of Orders (can add 2 7-8 year olds to a group to make sure it all balances).
    • Materials:
      • Blue or Red Pool noodles (enough for one for every Order)
      • Blindfolds (Enough for every order)
      • Cones (Enough to line a 20×40 section for every “Battle Arena”)
    • Gameplay:
      • Game will be Darkside vs. Lightside so there needs to be a “Battle Arena” for every pairing.
      • One person from each side will be blind folded and a blue and red noodle will be put in the arena
      • The Jedi (lightside ) will be searching for the blue noodle, the Sith (darkside) will search for the red noodle. The other members of their team can shout and let them know where the noodle is.
      • Once they get the noodle they must hit the other player with the noodle 2 times, and they will be considered victorius!
      • This goes on till every member of the order gets a chance to Battle.
      • Keep track of how many wins each side has, and at the end there will be a winner of the overall battle.
      • After the battle ends, groups will rotate to face another order (always lightside vs. darkside)
      • Counselors need to keep track of how many wins their order has
      • The game can be made harder by allowing 2-3 padawans to battle at the same time, or throw in a “force shield” (Frisbee to block the attacks)
      • After an hour or 2 the Battles stop and everyone gathers in the middle
      • Everyone then needs to compare how many wins they have and the Order that has the most wins on each side will fight at one final battle!
    • Final Battle!
      • All of the orders who are not in the final battle will line the edges of the final Battle arena! They can cheer for their sides.
      • The Final Battle Arena will be bigger than the previous to 30×60 ft
      • The Battle will then commence until there is one winner!
      • After the Final Battle there will be a ceremony for the winner where they will receive the “Medal of Yavin” if they are jedi for defending the Rebels, or the “Medal of the Emperor” for the Sith for squelching the Rebels and maintaining the Galactic Empire!




Build your own Lightsaber

  • Materials:
    • Pool noodle cut in half (blue, green, red, and purple)lightsaber
    • 1 ft sections of PVC (enough for every camper)
    • Craft supplies (twine, makers, glitter, glue, anything to decorate the PVC)
    • Duct tape
  • Assembly:
    • Get the kids to decorate the PVC hilt of the lightsaber however they want
    • Take the half noodle and glue it inside the PVC pipe (Can use duct tape as a hilt instead)
    • Now you have a functional lightsaber!

Star Wars Tunic

 Closing Ceremonies

  • Review Jedi Code
  • Tell campers about the day tomorrow
  • Give them a riddle to go home and ask their parents
  • Q: When you look for something, why is it always in the last place you look?
    • A: Because when you find it, you stop looking!
  • Q:  Lives in winter, dies in summer, and grows with its roots upward.  What is it?
    • A: An icicle.
  • Q:  What belongs to you but is used more by others?
    • Your name.
  • Q:  It starts out tall, but the longer it stands, the shorter it grows.  What is it?
    • A candle.
  • Q:  If you are running in a race and you pass the person in second place, what place are you in?
    • Second place.