Beach Party

Open Ceremony:

-Start the day with a quote about Waves on the Beach “Waves are inspiring not because they rise and fall, but because each time they fall they never fail to rise again” Talk to the group about that quote relating to their summer camp experience. They may try new things at camp and if they don’t succeed at first we want then to be like the wave and rise again and again to be strong confident campers at all that they do.

Huddle Up:

-“Buddy Up Beach Ball” Find a new friend in the group and hit a beach ball up in the air to each other, Don’t let it Drop! As you hit it in the air to your friend as them a “Getting to Know You” question to them and then they hit it back to you while saying the answer. Take turns back and forth asking questions then switch it up and find a new friend!

Arts/Crafts Activity:

  • -Fun Sunglasses
  • -Sand Art
  • -Ocean in a bottle
  • -Create Hawaiian paper lies
  • -Painting Seashells

Camper Choice/Free Play Ideas:

  • -Beach ball hockey with pool noodles
  • -Dress in a leis and grass skirt and have a Luau with music
  • -Have a scavenger hunt (seashells, sunglasses, beach stuff)
  • -Games*See Attached
  • -Songs*See Attached


fun sun glassesColored sandocean in a bottle


Beach party gamesspong gameships and sailorsShark Attack

water spectacular




Closing Ceremony’s

parent cardclosing card